About this Website

1. This website is completely free.

2. SelNxt is not government-owned or government-sponsored. It provides U.S. government information in a way that is available neither on any government website, nor on any other website, nor offline.

3. There is neither registration, nor login, nor requirement to provide your name, email address or any other personal information.

About Your Test

U.S. Green Card Eligibility Test contains multiple choice questions. All you need to do is SELNXT: SELECT your answers from a list of choices and press the NEXT button.

Based on your answers, the system will determine your eligibility for U.S. Green Card, your options to apply under different immigration classifications, and links to the official U.S. government information:
  1. Your step-by-step application process.
  2. Your immigration forms.
  3. Your supporting documents.
  4. Your petition or application processing time.
  5. Your options to expedite your petition or application processing.
  6. Your visa appointment wait times.
  7. Where to submit your application packet.
  8. How to submit your application packet.
  9. How to check your case status online.
  10. How to ask questions about your case.
  11. How to verify your immigration status.
  12. How to apply for or retrieve Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record).
  13. How to request your travel history.
  14. How to check your travel compliance.
  15. How to locate an immigration detainee online.

Authoritative Sources

1. Statutory Authorities: 2. Regulatory Authorities: 3. U.S. Federal Court Decisions.

4. Class Action Settlement Notices and Agreements.

5. Administrative Decisions by: 6. Policies and Procedures: 7. USCIS Significant Guidance Documents.

8. Online Guidance, Advisories, and Publications by: